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East Coast Announces Formation of Video Content Team
13 November 2017 - 1:44, by , in News, No comments

Allentown Pennsylvania – East Coast Facilities, today announced the formation of a Video Content Team, with the primary responsibility of capturing employees and company owned fleet in action performing the companies vast array of facility maintenance services. The team will consist of a creative director, content writer, and a videographer/editor.

Why? That is the big question. The core of East Coast’s value proposition, is self-performance. This means East Coast owns and operates a vast, clean, branded fleet of company equipment, operated by highly trained uniformed team members, that it wants to impress upon would be clients. “when our clients see our clean, uniform work-force, operating a state-of-the-art fleet of equipment with our brand on it” said Jason Nemec, Vice President “it creates an immediate positive impression.”

East Coast will deploy its team to the field to capture footage of actual production. This will include footage of commercial painting, landscaping, arbor care, snow-removal, parking lot maintenance and general facility repair services. The team will not just have marketing initiatives to accomplish, in fact its primary focus and work will be to produce recruiting and training videos for the company. Branded training videos will be created for almost any application the company needs, including orientation, safety, best practices, etiquette, production and quality. Voice overlay for training videos is planned to be done in English, Spanish and French-Creole.

“Think of the time our managers will save in training, with this resource!” said John Koma, Executive Director “the direction our company is taking shows our commitment to excellence, while others may view this as a wasted expense, we see it as a huge investment!”

East Coast has begun advertising and accepting applications for these new positions.  Applicants based out of Atlanta GA, Allentown PA or Fort Lauderdale FL, will be considered for the videographer position, due to air-travel requirements.

Applicants are invited to apply online on the East Coast Facilities Career Site.


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