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ECF wraps up #sealcoating jobs before cold hits
16 October 2015 - 14:05, by , in News, No comments

Our pavement maintenance crews, are working overtime, to wrap up seal coating jobs, before the cold snap hits the North East. October is a month that traditionally completes a long tough season of asphalt repairs, seal coating and line striping projects. Do you have a project you would like to complete in 2016? Contact us so that we can help you plan your CAM and Capital project budgets.

About East CoastΒ Facilities

East Coast Facilities, Inc. was founded with a simple goal; provide specific Facility Maintenance Services to a niche clientele base who areΒ located in key markets. We provide our clients with a solution; we execute the ordered services on time and on budget with an automated process carried out by professionals. Our resources, insurance coverage limits, experience and ability, make us a leader in every market we serve in.

East Coast provides Professional Facility Maintenance Services to Commercial, Industrial, Government and Institutional Clients and serves Asset, Property and Facility managers. We operate within a results oriented culture, utilize state of the art technology, and manage our fulfillment process for projects through a fully automated system. We understand your most precious commodity; TIME.

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