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New Market Vice President Set to Lead Expansion in Florida: Multi-market expansion plans for Florida now underway at East Coast Facilities
8 November 2019 - 12:30, by , in News, No comments

Broward County Florida – East Coast Facilities Inc., today announced the addition of a Market Vice President who will begin to initiate what the home office calls “phase II” of its global business plan.  Well-known industry veteran Craig Offutt is set to lead the company’s expansion in Florida, beginning with South Florida.

Craig, who is originally a Kentucky native, visited family in Hollywood Florida in 2001. After falling in love with South Florida, and some years later his wife Patricia, the Madisonville Kentucky born Offutt made Broward County his home away from home.

Offutt grew up in the green industry, and although attending college and earning an A.S. degree in Plant Science from Rutgers University, his passion has always been to be hands-on in the field. The 22-year industry veteran loves the outdoors, especially golf.

When asked what was key in his decision to leave the largest landscape services organization in the world to join market disrupter East Coast Facilities, Inc. he answered “Joshua (CEO) is a leader in this industry; I have been following his journey for several years now, and he gets it right! Quite simply… culture!” The culture Offutt refers to is no average business culture, it is known as ECF Culture; Offutt further explains “it is a culture of family, safety, discipline, and above all a focus on people, who deliver service. This culture is right down to the smallest detail where our locations are not even called branches, they are called service centers!”

“right down to the smallest detail where our locations are not even called branches, they are called service centers!”

Phase II of the corporate growth strategy of East Coast Facilities, Inc. is the launch of a forward-facing outside sales force. During phase I the family behind ECF leveraged reputation and relationships to build and grow a foundation. Now the company is fixated on market share and not just any type of market-share. The focus of growth will target value-driven clientele. Company leadership refers to this as “serious companies, who need a serious service provider”. Offutt has been handed the keys to making the push in South Florida.

“I want people who understand the field, not those that live in an ivory tower.”

CEO Joshua Gámez, explains why Offutt was chosen for the role. “Craig is a veteran. When you look at his resume he was steady, not jumping all over the place, he is a serious person. Craig exudes passion for our industry, and best of all Craig grew up in the industry. ECF has, and always will have a leadership team that gets it. I want people who understand the field, not those that live in an ivory tower. Craig gets it.” Gámez the third son of a Mexican immigrant understands humble beginnings and the field. He is clearly ultra-focused on surrounding himself with qualified leaders who can empower and lead the “ECF front-line“.

When asked what personal goals he has for the market Offutt commented, “build on the foundation we already have, and go after South Florida’s high profile projects”; he adds “we need to create opportunities for our front line teams and help them expand their careers. We want to continue to see those smiling faces day in and day out!”

East Coast Facilities officially opened its first Florida location, the Broward Service Center, earlier this year. Additional locations are already in the construction pipeline. The goal of the organization is quality over quantity. Providing full benefits packages to every employee in the market including seasonal workers has made ECF a truly employee-first organization, attracting the very best talent available. Exciting times are ahead, and right behind phase II is phase III. ECF Leadership invites you to stay tuned for company developments. ECF is one of the fastest organically growing service organizations in the nation.

About East Coast Facilities, Inc.

The company, owned by the Gámez family, was formed in 2015 to provide a full-service facility maintenance solution to commercial, industrial, and institutional clients. ECF also provides comprehensive services to exclusive residential communities in very select markets including South Florida. Our rapid expansion is the result of a well-thought-out business plan, decades of industry experience, and professional relationships built on trust and value.

East Coast Facilities works with some of the nation’s largest commercial real-estate management companies, developers, and large institutional clients in strategic markets. The company currently provides services to Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and South Florida. Additional strategic market expansion is in the works.

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