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ECF becomes development environment for software affiliate OMNIA
2 April 2020 - 11:24, by , in News, No comments

Allentown Pennsylvania – East Coast Facilities Inc., today announced the adoption of a new software platform built to power it’s service delivery processes.

Ownership led by the Gámez family began the investment into the new technology back in 2018 when it noted a need for a business line software platform that was flexible enough to serve businesses who offered multiple service lines or what could be considered multiple industries operating under a single brand.

Utilizing decades of service industry experience and financial resources the Gámez family began to build OMNIA as a standalone entity. Two years later OMNIA is launching with effectively one client, East Coast Facilties, Inc.

While ownership has not commented on the future of OMNIA, it is clear that utilizing ECF as a development environment is unique because the company offers a wide variety of services that each could be considered separate industries under a single operating umbrella. ECF also delivers services from multiple branch locations in unique climates.


About East Coast Facilities, Inc.

The company, owned by the Gámez family, was formed in 2015 to provide a full-service facility maintenance solution to commercial, industrial, and institutional clients. ECF also provides comprehensive services to exclusive residential communities in very select markets including South Florida. Our rapid expansion is the result of a well-thought-out business plan, decades of industry experience, and professional relationships built on trust and value.

East Coast Facilities works with some of the nation’s largest commercial real-estate management companies, developers, and large institutional clients in strategic markets. The company currently provides services to Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and South Florida.



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