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Snow & Ice Management

Our Executive Management Team has decades of experience performing Commercial Snow Management Services. We own and operate a multi-million dollar fleet of company-owned assets, so that we can guarantee the delivery of these critical services when you need them most. Unlike other companies that simply sub-contract this work, we deploy our company-owned assets to every job. This allows us to tackle even the most demanding projects at a moment’s notice.

Our services include, Plowing, Sidewalk Cleaning, Salting & De-Icing, Snow Hauling, Snow Relocation, Snow Melting and Roof Clearing.

“Our company is lead by industry professionals, who actually know what it is like to work in and manage a winter weather event”

What to look for in a Professional Snow Management Company…

It may be tempting to ask your prospective snow removal contractor, if they do any properties just like yours. Likewise you may want to know how many trucks they have. Or what they are going to charge for their services. These are all very good questions, but they should not be the first ones you ask. Why? Because even if a contractor performs snow on a property just like yours, and has the best price in the market, could you use this prospective partner, if they did not have the proper insurance? Not to mention, several other critical factors to consider when selecting your next Professional Snow Management Company.

Here are ten items to dig into when looking for a prospective Snow Management Company..

  1. Do they have actual snow insurance coverage’s and endorsements on their insurance policy?
  2. Who owns their company? Are the a known industry professional?
  3. How long has this company and by extension its leadership been in business? How many catastrophic storm systems have they managed?
  4. Do they actually plow snow and treat ice? Or are they just another middle man, using sub-contractors who themselves possibly do not have the experience, proper insurance or infrastructure needed to care for your work.
  5. What did they do, when they ran out of salt over the past few winters? That is a trick question, because if they have salt silos, they should be able to carry enough inventory all the way through the end of the winter.
  6. What does their fleet of trucks look like? We would even recommend you visit their staging areas, to see if their fleet matches what their brochure displays.
  7. How will they communicate with you and with their team before, during and after a storm?
  8. How will they prepare for storms? Do they use a forecasting firm, that specializes in winter weather?
  9. What is their plan to service your property? Ask them to layout a standard plan and look for contingency planning for catastrophic storms.
  10. Always ask for references and always check them.

“East Coast Facilities, Inc. is a proud member of the National Safety Council, SIMA and ASCA”

How does East Coast Facilities measure up in the world of Professional Snow Contractors?

  • East Coast Facilities, Inc. has deep roots in Professional Snow Management. The leadership of our firm has over 20 years of experience. It is sometimes said that, experience is better served, measured by blizzards and ice storms, then actual years.
  • We have snow management endorsements on our insurance policy.
  • Our company is lead by industry professionals, who actually know what it is like to work in and manage a winter weather event.
  • We own and operate a custom fleet of snow plowing trucks, factory ordered from Ford Motor Company and built to our specification. Our fleet, is fresh, dependable and effective. East Coast Facilities maintains several strategic rental agreements with national fleet rental companies for our heavy equipment needs. East Coast Facilities actually plows snow. Although we support our teams with additional professional sub-contractors, our fleet and supervisors are on every site.
  • We have a comprehensive safety program, that we live. East Coast Facilities, Inc. is a proud member of the National Safety Council.
  • Our operations center headquartered in Allentown Pennsylvania, monitors all activities in real-time on cloud based programs, which are redundant in the event of local disruption. Our production systems are custom designed by us. We do not use out of the box software; our software is custom designed, specific to our needs.
  • East Coast Facilities, is the only professional snow management firm, with its own weather forecasting center, lead by our a chief meteorologist.

You may ask what is the down side to using East Coast Facilities?

Here is your answer.. we are not the cheapest contractor in the market, simply the best. We have a certain capacity; once it is reached, we will not on-board additional clients. We do not service all types of properties. East Coast Facilities will not plow snow for residential communities such as Condominiums.  We specialize in large commercial, industrial, institutional & governmental properties. East Coast Facilities, brings the absolute highest value to the table, with every dollar spent.

“Good is the enemy of great. Good is not good enough in Snow Management”


East Coast Facilities, operates under strict safety guidelines for its employees and job site management including a Drug Free Program, Lift Certification, Field Training and Licensing where applicable, a pervasive Culture of Safe Working, weekly Safety Meetings, full use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and OSHA compliance.

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