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Snow & Ice Management

My name is Joshua Gámez, and I proudly serve as the CEO of East Coast Facilities, Inc., a market leader in industrial snow removal. The foundation of our excellence is rooted in the training and development of the finest team of snowfighters ever assembled in our industry. We affectionately refer to them as “The Industry’s Finest”.

From CEO to Field Supervisor, every member of our management team is certified as either a Certified Snow Professional (CSP), or an Advanced Snow Manager (ASM). Our qualified equipment operators, drivers, and technicians undergo rigorous training and development.

We specialize in industrial distribution centers and serve clients from Central Pennsylvania to the New Jersey coast. We provide snow and ice removal services to an ever-expanding portfolio, including America’s largest corporations and most sensitive distribution hubs. These are just some of the reasons our team is the best choice for the critical service of snow and ice removal:

  • We own and operate a vast fleet of professional equipment
  • We self-perform our services
  • We own and operate our own liquid de-icing manufacturing plant
  • We have full-time meteorologists on staff who provide weather consulting and alerts
  • We carry high insurance coverage limits and have significant bonding capacity
  • Our safety record is outstanding
  • We specialize in properties just like yours
  • Our financial strength allows us to deliver consistent service

Rather than tell you, I invite you to explore the videos below and see for yourself the dynamic capabilities of East Coast Facilities!

Certified Snow Professional, ASCA-C


Explore our capabilities

In just 7-minutes I will personally take you on a tour of one of our Service Centers and show you our capabilities and infrastructure.

Explore our facilities, fleet, and culture of safety. I am confident that you will feel reassured that ECF is the perfect fit for you.


Is your property a large industrial distribution center?

We specialize in properties just like yours. Many of the industrial distribution centers that we provide snow and ice removal services to are very large. They require specialize equipment and capabilities.

This video showcases some of the properties that we service. Does your property look like one of the many that we already serve?

Liquids, a positive impact to the environment and your budget

To deliver a more sustainable solution and lower the use of environmentally damaging chlorides. We have spent the time, and money to build the largest liquid de-icing capability in the market. This capability allows us to lower the amount of chlorides dispensed on a per acre basis, and it helps us reduce the amount of corrosion that impacts your asset.

Liquids do not negatively impact your budget. On the contrary, they actual lower the costs of de-icing.

Our motto “Train to Retain

Training is a constant feature at East Coast Facilities. We are recognized as a training and safety leader in the snow and ice management industry. Our safety committee works hard to create, implement, and support our safety and training programs.

All team members receive week safety training, and pre-storm focus training. Our direct report equipment operators receive remote pre-storm safety training by way of our robust cloud-based training library. This ensures every member of our team has safety on their mind while operating in, on, and around your property.

Did you know we have an entire team of full-time meteorologists on staff?

Concerned about your partner being properly equipped?

BIG SITES require BIG EQUIPMENT. As a self-performing contractor, we control the deployment of heavy equipment, and specialized assets that allow us to deliver outstanding results, on time, every time.