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Launch of Certified Weather Center Announced
East Coast Weather
12 August 2016 - 9:17, by , in News, No comments

Today, East Coast Facilities announces the launch of a certified weather center to compliment its existing central operations command center, located in Allentown Pennsylvania. Over the past months, East Coast Facilities has invested a substantial amount of resources into the technology platform, personnel, and hardware needed to operate the new weather center. The weather center will be powered by the firm’s affiliate, True Weather, LLC.

The question is, “why does a facility maintenance services provider need a certified weather center?” The entire operational response planning and fulfillment engineering process for East Coast Facilities is impacted by the weather — for better or worse. Weather conditions directly affect the timing — or even emergency response plans — of our operations teams.

The benefits? Accurate site-specific forecasting that only dedicated, certified, meteorologists can provide on a daily basis. Real-time severe storm monitoring, which alerts our operations leaders to incoming threats, such as lightning, severe thunderstorms, tropical storm systems, and winter weather advisories.

East Coast Facilities provides comprehensive maintenance services to high-security properties, universities, hospitals, industrial hubs, world headquarters venues, and more. Our clients require customized emergency response plans when tropical storms or severe winter weather threatens safety and access.

The new certified weather center will be powered by TrueWeather, LLC and lead by Chief Meteorologist Michael Defino.

DefinoMichael graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Earth Sciences/Meteorology from the California University of Pennsylvania. Michael has already recorded five years of professional experience as a certified meteorologist, providing accurate forecasting to high-profile clientele ranging from Major League Baseball teams to Hollywood movie sets. Michael, who is also a partner, will now lead the TrueWeather team and ensure that East Coast Facilities operations staff will have the most accurate and up-to-date data, which will significantly enhance operational decisions and strategies.

There is no doubt about the direction East Coast Facilities is heading under the leadership of the firm’s Executive Management. Decisions and innovations such as these directly translate to standards for fulfillment, quality, and safety that are simply unparalleled in the industry.

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