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About Us

A note from the CEO

I am pleased to present our family to yours. My name is Joshua Steven Gámez, CEO of East Coast Facilities, Inc. (ECF)

ECF was formed in 2015 to provide a unique value proposition to the marketplace, namely a full-service facility maintenance company that provides comprehensive, vertical facility maintenance services for our clients owned or managed locations. Our self-performed services set the industry standards for quality.

Although ECF is a new brand owned by our family, it is far from a start-up company. Our team has decades of experience in the facility services industry, and our resources are rooted and built on a 25-year family tradition of hard work, and strategic planning.

ECF is an employee first company. We value our team members even more than a sale. In fact, our clients respect us because they understand the real relationship we have with our employees. This mindset creates tremendous strength in delivering results to those very clients.

We work with some of the largest commercial real estate owners and managers in the world. Developers, commercial property managers, portfolio managers, asset managers, and facility managers, each benefit from the dynamic vertical facility maintenance services we offer.

We provide maintenance services to massive logistic parks, universities, hospitals, office parks, retail centers, large commercial real estate portfolios, and in South Florida, high-end residential communities.

We own and operate a very large fleet of trucks, painting rigs & sprayers, commercial lawn mowers, and other heavy equipment. Our teams have the fleet capability to respond to a blizzard in the north east, and a tropical cyclone in the south east, on the same day, simultaneously.

One of the most substantial features of our value proposition to our clients is that we self-perform our own services. Therefore, we will only service work that is within our coverage areas. While many large enterprises have moved towards the model of building large sub-contractor networks, ECF has moved in the opposite direction. We are certain that this level of commitment, will provide the highest level of quality and consistency to propel our company forward into the future.

We look forward to working with you!

  • Hurricane Irma Clean-up South Florida

    Hurricane Irma Clean-up South Florida

    East Coast Facilities
  • Landscape Remediation – Amazon Fulfillment, Easton Pennsylvania

    Landscape Remediation – Amazon Fulfillment, Easton Pennsylvania

    East Coast Facilities
  • Nor’easter Strikes North East

    Nor’easter Strikes North East

    East Coast Facilities
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