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Snow & Ice Management Services

Our snow and ice removal services have been strategically engineered to handle large industrial distribution centers, corporate campuses, and high security facilities. We provide snow removal services to customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, Minnesota, Connecticut and will be opening additional markets soon. Our portfolio of customers includes an ever-expanding list of fortune 500 corporations, and significant distribution hubs.

Self-Performance is the key to our service delivery. By owning and operating our own fleet of customized snow removal equipment we are able to deliver guaranteed services to our customers. Our fleet includes specialized equipment to better serve the unique needs of various customer types. The fleet is new, vast, and well maintained. East Coast Facilities has one of the largest snow removal fleets in the industry.

Full meteorologists on staff allow us to plan for each event, from timing the storm to providing the client with an outlook of the storm’s performance. Some customers benefit from our ability to provide pre-storm weather consulting as a value added service to assist them in planning when crippling storms are in the pipeline.

Our safety record highlights the dedication of our team to safety. Proper training, preparedness, and controls allow us to deliver services with consistency. Record keeping, documentation, and reports support risk management. The East Coast Facilities corporate safety committee is focused on our industrial snow removal operations. They provide our team with timely training and policy guidance.

Elite Snow Removal

Elite Snow Removal

Do you care for a large industrial distribution center or a commercial property? Are you unhappy with your current provider of snow and ice removal services? We self-perform industrial snow removal services. What is the difference? When you hire us for your snow removal services we actually perform the work. When we leave your facility, it is safe for employees and visitors. Your operations can continue the important work they do.

Ice Mitigation

Ice Mitigation

Ice poses a unique threat. How can you protect yourself from what you can’t see? Our experience dealing with this dangerous precipitation allows us to take preventative measures ahead of forecasted ice events and remain on site during the duration. When it comes to ice, timing and mitigation is the key. We are ready to strike when ice invades.

Liquid De-Icers

Liquids De-icers can help lower the environmental impact of snow removal, ice mitigation and save you money. We’ve built the most extensive liquid de-icing capability in the market, which allows us to reduce corrosion. In addition to helping the environment, liquid de-icers prevent snow from bonding to pavement and concrete, which helps keep the surface free of unseen hazards.

Snow Relocation

Snow Relocation services are essential for busy distribution centers. A distribution center, crowded by trailers can see it’s operations greatly affected by snowfall. Snow Relocation allows us to remove large piles of snow from your property, which makes parking lots and walkways safer by eliminating potential visibility issues. It also gives you more space for customers or employees while reducing potential damage to the property as well.

Snow Melting

Space is essential to distribution centers. Get rid of the monstrous snowfall with our state-of-the-art equipment that melts it away, rather than just moving or piling it up. Whether you need the space on the property, need to make room for more snow or you just don’t like the look of the snow piles, we can help!

Seasonal Contracts

We offer various types of pricing options for our customers, seasonal contracts help with a budget and offer protection according to the climate pattern of your region. Our seasonal contracts are tailored to the needs of each property and region, depending on the size, type and level of services you need.

Per Inch Contracts

Our ‘Per Inch’ contracts, also known as the Per Event contracts, will offer the protection of having your snow removal needs taken care of while only being charged when it actually snows or there is wintry precipitation. This type of contract may be perfect if your weather pattern is unpredictable. We perform a climatology study for each market to develop 5 year averages on precipitation, this helps you make an informed decision.

T&M Services

Time & Material Services are still signed under contract to guarantee your portfolio or property receive the service it needs. This contract category is a perfect fit for unoccupied buildings that only need a limited level of service while permitting you to have a full level of service when needed.


East Coast Facilities, operates under strict safety guidelines for its employees including a Drug Free program, lift certification, field training and licensing where applicable, a pervasive culture of safe working, weekly safety meetings, full use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and OSHA compliance.


Expect all of these from your facilities maintenance partner. East Coast Facilities delivers.

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