Our Culture

ECF Culture is built on three bedrock components: People, Safety, and Quality. Together, they form a dynamic business culture that powers our growth and success in ever expanding markets.


We are the “People Company” because at East Coast Facilities our people come first. How? We provide a best-in-class work environment for our team members that includes fair and equitable pay, comprehensive health benefits, and meaningful retirement plans. The training and development standards employed and utilized in our business ensures that all team members have a path to growth with equal opportunity for all.

We are culturally diverse and sensitive to persons of many different backgrounds, religious views, orientations, languages, and education levels. People matter at East Coast Facilities. It is not something we say, it is something we live.


Our commitment to safety goes far beyond checking boxes. Safety is part of our DNA. It starts with our commitment to a safety culture. The stewardship of that culture is lead by our corporate safety committee comprised of team members of various regions and branches. Some examples of meaningful safety training include our company-wide weekly safety meetings. Our corporate safety committee builds and schedules regular training topics and special programs.

Before a particular season begins such as snow removal season we stop and train on specific technical, safety, and practical skills training. Regular and systematic training feeds our DNA and ensures our body of team members stay focused and disciplined.


Quality can only be achievable when a service provider is committed to it from the very beginning when an opportunity to do business emerges. Training, systems, and processes are critical to driving quality in service delivery. But what is equally important is fair and equitable price for the work being performed for our customers.

Our principles for people, safety, and quality require us to quote fair prices that allow us to have the time and tools needed to deliver on the commitments we make to you, the customer.

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