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East Coast Facilities powered by “the Industry’s Finest”

PEOPLE – The very heart beat of East Coast Facilities. The delivery of quality services in a safe manner with consistency is what separates our company from our competitors. Our people factor begins at the point of hire. Before new team members are hired they must undergo interviewing, back ground checks, illicit drug screens, and skills testing. Once hired they enter the development eco system that East Coast Facilities has in place. This eco system contains ongoing training, development, and support.

Our people are properly called “the Industry’s Finest” because simply put, they are. When a workforce is trained in matters of technical, safety, and soft skills in a culture of both discipline and compassion for people, you can expect unparalleled results. Our desire is to maintain a strong cultural eco system that produces well trained team members so our customers receive services in a consistent manner. The two are connected.

Here are some quotes from various training and policy systems that demonstrate our commitment to our people:

Front Line First means that we consider our front line workers in all decisions that impact the operations they care for and execute.”

“Managers who lead operations must consider the impacts on the front line that their decisions will have. They must consider how their example is affecting their team.”

“Front line workers are the key to our mission. All leaders should be trained on ECF Culture so they are best equipped and empowered to ensure our front line is getting the attention and development they deserve.”

Outside parties including customers are not privy to all of the systems and processes built to protect our people. The above mentioned quotes come from various policies and internal management training systems. They represent our sincere interests in our people and are shared with you to better understand our thoughts and sentiments towards our people. We are proud of them and we support them in each of their individual paths and dreams.

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