Caring For Trees That Care For Us

Arbor Care

Our team of skilled arborists is equipped with a variety of forestry equipment, including aerial bucket trucks and chip trucks to handle all types of tree care projects. From pruning branches for an aesthetic look or removing dead wood that could be hazardous, we will complete your project successfully.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Tree removals are often done to reduce hazards or make space for construction. Tree removal is a hazardous service and can become complicated when it requires navigating around utilities, trees adjacent to homes and other areas that could be compromised during this process. We have an extensive list of equipment including bucket trucks with trained personnel who can safely remove these potentially dangerous projectiles in turn reducing the chances of accidents occurring while also making sure our work area remains safe at all times throughout this intricate procedure.



East Coast Facilities provides tree trimming services to keep your trees looking great and functioning properly. Our clients benefit from increased safety, improved aesthetics, increased property values and decrease risks of falling branches or uprooting during heavy winds.

Emergency Storm Services

The weight of storm-damaged trees is great and it can be very dangerous to remove or trim. We are experienced in difficult and hazardous removals, we take the worry out of these difficult situations. Our team will be ready before the storm, they will arrive after a disaster occurs, and leave the property cleaned up and in a safe condition.


Our Cabling/Bracing Services are great for mitigating the risk of a limb failure. Pruning may not always be the best option under these conditions, but cabling or bracing can connect weak limbs to structurally sound wood via cable or threaded rod. At times these services are needed to correct growth patterns.

Brush CleanUp

When trees and other brush fall or need to be cleared, we will get it done quickly. We offer complete tree and brush removal: fallen trees on the ground or leaning against buildings; any type of leaf debris, including branches that have fallen from storms; landscaping debris removed too.

Stump Removal

The process of removing stumps is the final step in restoring curb appeal after a storm or when trees are removed. Our removal services include grinding them down and preparing the area to match the surrounding area.

Insect & Disease Management

The need for regular inspections is important to see if pests or diseases have infested your trees, plants, or grounds. Our trained technicians can examine and diagnose the problem, then provide treatment options that restore your green assets back to good health.

Tree Planting & Replacement

We provide tree planting and replacement services. Our trained technicians help you choose the right trees for your landscape, so they can serve their intended function properly while making sure they fit into the overall level of maintenance you desire to have on your property.


East Coast Facilities, operates under strict safety guidelines for its employees including a Drug Free program, lift certification, field training and licensing where applicable, a pervasive culture of safe working, weekly safety meetings, full use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and OSHA compliance.


Expect all of these from your facilities maintenance partner. East Coast Facilities delivers.

  • “East Coast Facilities, Inc. is like no other! Not only do they do great work, they look great doing it with top-notch equipment, and a fully uniformed team of highly trained professionals. They provide consistent service to our 500 Acre Class A HOA in Weston Florida.”

    Terry Allen, Property Manager at The Ridges HOA
  • “East Coast Facilities provides excellent services and is
    very organized. This makes our job easier!”

    Valerie Falco, Property Manager at Cushman & Wakefield
  • “I have found that East Coast Facilities is more than just your lawn and snow management service. This past year they have done tree removal and parking lot sealing & re-striping at a few of my facilities. While I have a couple of 24/7 Tenants East Coast was able to work around their schedules and get the job done for a reasonable price. I highly recommend their services.”

    Michael Etheridge, HAF

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